• Take two cubes of Harrison' LIFETIME COURSE bird food.
  • Ground up roasted peanuts in bullet type blender grinding jar or in a clean coffee grinder. Add a couple of drops of dark sunflower, grape seed, OR sesame oil to help liquify peanuts. You could used hulled sunflower seeds or almonds also. Or combined them.
  • Spread mixture between cubes.
  • Dab a drop of honey, piece of apple, mashed banana, or bit of raisen on spread.
  • Stick other cube on top.
  • These can be placed in food dish as you cage your cutie for a special incentive. If you know your bird is eating their food, you can use whole wheat bread, crackers, or pretzel sticks dipped in mthe micture. Store any excess in refrigerator immediately, discard after 3-4 days of use, or freeze in individual portions.

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