Peanut Sandwich

  • First, get your peanuts and bread (preferably already cut open so you don'st to gnaw so much).
  • What I like to do is crunch up my own peanuts. Like the saying goes, no one besides yourself can do the job the best....hehe
  • You COULD put the nuts on the bread BUT what I like to do it separately.
  • BUT, for the sake of my editor, you just throw those peanuts onto that bread.
    Tip: It'ss alright to miscalculate where you throw your'ss funner to eat off the table anyways. Isn'st that why you clean it off to start with?
  • And DONE! Congratz you just had breakfast/morningsnack/brunch/midwaysnack/lunch/latemidaysnack/drunch/randomsnack/dinner/midnightsnack/earlymorningsnack/snackbeforebreakfast/breakfast...
    This is really a very verstile dish that you can take anywhere with you. Like....on top of someone'ss head while learning the art of covert missions of learning my girl'ss magical power: The Microwave! It'ss really the only good way of eating peanut sandwhich...

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