Penny'ss Pasta

  • Whenever you can smell pasta cooking, fly over and watch your Pretty Girl strain it into a bowl. My favorite pasta is Angel Hair spaghetti.
  • Once she puts the pasta into a dish, do a flyover recon. Note the placement of the dish to available perch space. Look for stuff you can hide or perch upon.
  • Fly to this perch space, looking as innocent as posible. Say "I love You!" or "Pretty Girl!" if you can.
  • The minute your Pretty Girl looks away, try to reach over and snag a piece of this warm, mushy delight.
  • If Pretty Girl catches you swiping this delicacy, say "Thank You!"
  • Most times Pretty Girl will then serve you up your own bowl to enjoy on your own cage. Yum!
    Tip: If you are very nice, and say "Thank You" a lot, she may even put a few drops of sunflower oil, honey, sprinkle of cinnamon, or other tasty addition to your bowl of nirvana.
  • Do not be surprised if Pretty Girl throws the spaghetti away if you do not finish it. She always worries about spoilage. She says, "You are so spoiled. If you don't want it, it goes in the trash."

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